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  • Preis: UVP 7.990,00 € ANGEBOT 5.990 €
  • Gerätestatus: Vorführbereit
  • Eigenschaft: Vorverstärker
  • Gewicht: 14.6 kg
  • Abmessung (HBT): 440 x 130 x 430 mm
  • Spannungsversorgung: Stromaufnahme 28 W /Standby 2 W
  • Eingänge: 5x RCA/Cinch, 2x XLR, EXT Pre In
  • Ausgänge: 2x RCA/Cinch, 2 x XLR, REC out, 2x Remote Out (Netzwerkbuchse)

Luxman’s new C-700u preamp benefits from the same uncompromising construction and attention to detail as the D-06u. At its heart lies Luxman’s fourth-generation ODNF (Only Distortion Negative Feedback) amp circuit, which restricts feedback to distortion components only, thus greatly enhancing signal-to-noise performance. This is directly coupled to the LECUA 1000 attenuator circuit, trickled down from the flagship C-900u preamp, allowing an extremely fine degree of volume control and left/right balance adjustment whilst maintaining sound quality at the highest level.

Exceptional signal purity doesn’t have to mean stripped-to-the-bone facilities – not when they are implemented with Luxman’s no-compromise approach. The C-700u includes precision bass and treble tone adjustment (extremely useful given the variability of today’s music formats), a ‘loudness’ control for low-level listening, a ‘line straight’ button that bypasses the tone controls, and phase selection for the balanced inputs. The FL display can even be zoomed in stages via the remote, ensuring key information remains readable no matter how far the listener is from the preamp (the D-06u shares this feature).

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